Teodosie aims for Metropolitan status to boost his Patriarchal aspirations

His Eminence Teodosie, the Archbishop of Tomis, has been openly challenging Patriarch Daniel and, over the past three years, intensified his efforts to consolidate more power within the Romanian Orthodox Church by seeking to elevate his archbishopric to a metropolitanate. Teodosie’s ambition is to acquire symbolic power and better position himself in the competition for the church’s highest office. His actions are now prompting a critical discussion at the highest levels of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR) about his alleged breaches of the church’s statutes.

Teodosie’s initial request to upgrade the archbishopric to a metropolitanate dates back to 2003, under Patriarch Teoctist’s leadership, as relayed by the BOR spokesperson. This request was denied. Despite having robust support from Adrian Năstase, the then PSD Prime Minister, President Ion Iliescu strongly opposed him, reports G4Media.

He made another attempt in 2021, which Patriarch Daniel firmly rejected…

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